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CCRC: How it Works


No content logo State law requires that those parents who are unable to agree on a child-sharing plan must proceed to mandatory CCRC. It is the Family Court's hope that parents will be given every opportunity to decide,  for themselves, what will be in the best interest of their children. CCRC is generally No content logo more successful if the parents come prepared. We suggest that you seek guidance and support from your attorney, therapist, family members and friends in developing your child sharing proposal. Financial issues will not be addressed in CCRC sessions.


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  1. Yearly calendar, which identifies all holidays.

  2. School calendar, which identifies all school holidays.

  3. Parents' work schedules

  4. If working, the amount of vacation you have on a yearly basis.

  5. A list of children's extra-curricular activities. How will each of you be involved in these activities and who will transport?

  6. Patience, flexibility and a business-like attitude towards the process of mediation and the concept of the children's best interest.

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