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Introduction To Family Court

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Coming to court can often feel very frightening and confusing for parents and children. It is our hope that we can lessen your concerns by providing you with some basic information on how Family Court operates. Your attendance at Family Court Services FCS Orientation will allow you the opportunity to have many of your questions answered. It is important that you take the opportunity to educate yourself about what is expected of you by Family Court and Family Court Services.

Important reminders

  1. Children need to be emotionally and physically safe from parental conflict.
  2. Children need a relationship with both parents.
  3. Parents need to move from an intimate to a more formal business-like relationship.
  4. Parents and children experience a great sense of loss in a separation and/or divorce.
  5. Parents and children usually need emotional support and guidance through the process of separation and/or divorce.
  6. A child sharing plan must take into consideration the age and emotional stage of development of each child.
  7. All children need consistency and stability from both parents.
  8. Children do better if they know when they will be spending time with each parent.
  9. Parents who make their own mutual decision regarding a post divorce parenting plan are less likely to need future court involvement and are generally happier with the outcome.
  10. Children of all ages, who witness family violence, of any kind are emotionally traumatized.

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