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Orientation Packet

Mediation Flow Chart

Intro to Family Court
Coming to court can often feel very frightening and confusing for parents and children.

Mediation: How it works?
State law requires that those parents who are unable to agree on a child-sharing plan must proceed to mandatory mediation

Parenting Plan Worksheet

Development Stage (0-6 yrs)

Development Stage (6-18 yrs)

Moving from intimacy to a more formal relationship

Domestic Violence and Mediation
Domestic Violence is the use of physical force, restraint, or threats of force to compel one to do something against one’s will, or to do bodily harm to self, a person with whom one resides, or the mother or father of one’s child.

Helping your children through divorce

Parents: Take notice of your children's fear
Although every divorce or separation is unique, here are some common problems and ways to help

Best Interest of the Child
In negotiating a plan for the sharing of time between parents and children, it is “The Best Interest of the Child” that should be given primary consideration. This is the standard that is used in deciding custody issues in California.

Parenting and Co-Parenting Classes, Other Resources

Family Code Section 3044

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