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Request for Order

These are the forms you will need. You can find them at www.courts.ca.gov
Request for Order (FL-300)
Income and Expense Declaration (FL-150)
Proof of Personal Service (FL-330)

STEP 1: Fill Out the Forms
Request for Order (FL-300): Mark the boxes next to the type of orders you want the Judge to make (Child Custody, Child Support, etc.) This is where you explain WHAT orders you want and WHY. You only need to fill in the parts of this form that apply to what you are REQUESTING in this Request for Order. Skip the other parts. If you are asking for “Other” orders, write them in under Item 9. Be brief and state exactly what you want the Judge to order. For ALL types of orders, you must explain WHY you are asking for them under Item 10 “Facts in Support.” This is an important section, so do NOT leave it blank. You can attach an extra page if you need more room.

Income and Expense Declaration (FL-150): You only need to fill this form out if you are asking the Judge to make orders for CHILD SUPPORT or SPOUSAL SUPPORT. The other party will also need to provide this information to the Judge. If you are not asking for support, don’t worry about this form.

STEP 2: File the Forms
Make 2 copies of each of the forms.* Pull a number for “Family Law” at the kiosk on the 1st floor of the Courthouse. Your number will be directed to a window. File your forms with the clerk at that window. There is an $85.00 fee if your Request for Order is for child custody or visitation. The fees for all other Request for Orders are $60.00. Checks should be made out to Placer County Superior Court. If you cannot afford to pay the filing fee, request a fee waiver from the Clerk. The Clerk will write the court date for your hearing on the first page of the Request for Order. The Court is located at: The Bill Santucci Justice Center, 10820 Justice Center Drive, Roseville, CA 95661.

*Make an additional copy (4 total = original + 3) if you have a child custody/visitation issue.

STEP 3: Serve a Copy to the Other Party
You must have a copy of your forms personally served on the other party, along with a blank Response (FL-320). The clerk will provide this form to you when you file. If the Request for Order is for support, you must also serve a blank Income and Expense Declaration (FL-150). Anyone other than you, over 18, can serve the papers on the other party.

STEP 4: File the Proof of Service
The person who serves the papers on the other party needs to fill out a Proof of Personal Service (FL-330). File this at the “Family Law” window at the Courthouse BEFORE your court date. There is no fee for this.

STEP 5: Go to Your Court Date


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